Can I ride my AER 557 in all weathers?

  • Yes, the AER 557 has been tested for use in wet conditions. The product should not be submerged in water, and you should periodically check any seals that may have become damaged whilst riding. Please refer to the manual.

Will my AER 557 come fully assembled?

  • Your AER 557 will arrive folded in the box with the front wheel off.
  • Take the vehicle from the box and fit the front wheel using the tool located inside the axle pin.
  • Remove the lower hinge bolt and carefully close the hinge. The lower hinge bolt should now be reinserted and screwed tightly into place.
  • Fold the stem into a riding position and snap the lock into place by closing the lever and ensuring that it clicks into position.
  • Please refer to the operator’s manual to ensure that all bolts and fixings are tightened to the correct torque.
  • The battery will be in a state of ‘deep sleep’ and should be connected to the charger. A full recharge is recommended before you first use the AER 557

What are the current rules in the UK on the use of electric scooters?

  • As per UK government regulations, electric scooters are only to be used on private land, unless being used in a rental scheme trial.
  • Please keep this in mind product as riding illegally constitutes misuse of the vehicle.

How long will my AER 557 take to charge?

  • In general, it can be anywhere between 4-6 hours to fully charge the vehicle.
  • The battery can be charged in situ or removed with the key provided.

Is the AER 557 suitable for a child?

  • We suggest that only children over the age of 16 with the use of helmet and protective gear. Please refer to your local country’s laws and requirements for electric scooters.

How do I maintain my AER 557?

  • Please make sure to thoroughly read the owner’s manual before you use your electric scooter and to ensure you are following the manufacturer’s direct maintenance instructions.
  • Make sure to only use the charger that we have supplied with your product. Other chargers can have negative effects on the battery.
  • Keep tyres inflated to the right pressure to avoid excessive wear.
  • Check all screws and fixings before use and keep then at the recommended torque levels.

When will my electric scooter be delivered?

  • We aim to dispatch goods on the same day, if ordered before our 1pm cut-off time, Monday to Friday. Weekends and Bank Holidays not included. Saturday and Sunday deliveries are available at an additional cost to normal delivery, with a cut-off time of 1pm on Friday. 
  • For more information, visit our Terms of Sales page for our delivery details.

What do if I do if my AER 557 has a fault or I want to return it?

  • Please see all details on our Returns & Warranty page

What is the warranty on the AER 557?

  • The AER 557 has a 2 year warranty. For more information visit our page on Returns & Warranty